Piet Vroon Smell: The Secret Seducer

Smell: The Secret Seducer Piet VroonSmell: The Secret Seducer

Piet Vroon

Piet Vroon (1939 - 1998) was a professor at Utrecht University in Amsterdam and wrote several popular science books on psychology, evolution and society. In Smell: The Secret Seducer Vroon approaches our sense of smell, probably our most ignored sense. Vroon covers the history of smelling, the physiology of the olfactory organ, the nature of smell, smells through the course of our lifetime, smell and memory, odor-driven behavior, the impacts of perfumes, and disorders of smell. Historically, smell has been looked down upon as a baser, more animalistic sense. It is also one of our more difficult sense to analyse. For example, we can analyse sound by measuring sound waves and can analyse sight by anlaysing light waves and their impacts but the chemicals that trigger smell are much more difficult to measure and categorize. This is an important and truly fascinating book.

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