review The Beer Food Companion Stephen Beaumont

The Beer Food Companion Stephen BeaumontThe Beer Food Companion

Stephen Beaumont

Stephen Beaumont has written about beer for over two decades. In this lavishly illustrated and well written book he tackles beer and food. He begins by highlighting the key ingredients of beer and then gives a simplified overview of beer styles that is more than adequate for all but the most committed beer geek. Beaumont introduces the basic principles of beer and food pairing with a chapter on beer and food before the 21st century where he reviews such institutions as the British pub, the German beerhall, Belgian and Czech cuisine, American bar food and the Japanese izakaya. A chapter of beer and food pairing includes interviews with industry professionals. A chapter on cooking with beer lays down basic principles then in a large chapter on Beer Cuisine and Recipes he has several well-known chefs provide recipes that use beer as a key ingredient. Beaumont concludes with very useful beer and food pairing charts. Beaumont does a good job blending theory with practical, hands on examples. Another gem by a noted beer author.




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