David Sutula Mild Ale: History, Brewing, Techniques, Recipes (Classic Beer Style)

0937381683Mild Ale:

History, Brewing, Techniques, Recipes

(Classic Beer Style)

David Sutula

When I first travelled to London in 1972 and began sampling everything i could find, my friends told to that Mild was something that old men drank and to not bother with it. David Sutula, in Mild Ale: History, Brewing, Techniques, Recipes (Classic Beer Style) goes a long way to dissabuse that notion. Sutula started homebrewing in college and turned pro in 1993 and spent a few years brewing English beers. His book follows the format of the series, tracing the history of Mild Ale, describing the flavor profile, delving into the ingredients, expanding on brewing equipment and ingredients, and discussing conditioning, packaging, and dispensing. Sutula then reviews commercially produced Mild Ales and provides six mild ale recipes. For each recipe he gives five gallon extract and all grain versions for home brewers and provides 1 barrel all grain versions.

As a beer whose popularity has waned more than once and whose profile has gone through a few iterations, many writers gloss over the beer. Sutula gives it the focus it deserves and weaves a fascinating history. Most modern English Mild Ales are served on tap and the ocean voyage often does not do justice to the few brands tha make it to the US. Sutula's profile description helps the reader understand how the beer should taste. Sutula's experience actually brewing Mild Ale and other English ales shows in this book and makes it especially valuable. The reader will understand what malts and hops to choose and how to handling them in the brewing process. Besides being a must have book for homebrewers wanting to brew this style, those studying for the Beer Judge Certification Program written exam will also find this book valuable. I highly recommend it.

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