review of Standards of Brewing Charles W. Bamforth

Standards of Brewing

Charles W. Bamforth

Charles W Bamforth Standards of BrewingU.C. Davis Professor of Malting and Brewing Science, Charles Bamforth is uniquely qualified to write a book about quality control and management in brewing. He served as a brewery quality manager and also as a researcher and academic in the field. He emphasizes developing quality systems and implementing the appropriate measurements for ensuring quality. He provides a good discussion of the role of the brewing technician, principles of quality, using statistics in process control and the standard methods of analysis used in the brewing industry. Having laid the ground work, Bamforth next walks through the standards of quality control for each material in the brewing process and each step in that process as barley, malt and adjuncts, water, yeast and hops are transformed into beer. Bamforth combines the scientists understanding of the process with the practical experience of working in a brewery and stresses the importance of engaging the whole team in the process. This book is an important book for anyone involved in brewing but should also be of interest to anyone interested in the scientific and practical aspects of quality assurance and measurement in a factory setting. Probably not a good book for the average home brewer or craft beer fan.

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