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Lesley Jacobs Solmonson Gin: A Global History (Edible)Gin: A Global History (Edible)

Lesley Jacobs Solmonson

Freelance writer Leslie Jacobs Solmonson writes on food, wine and spirits. In Gin: A Global History (Edible) she tackles gin - which she describes as an enigmatic beverage, born as a medicinal tincture and a tonic to treat bladder and kidney ailments to the crack cocaine of the London slums to its key role in the birth of the modern cocktail. Solmonson view of gin as a lens through which to view social, political and agricultural forces new breathes life and meaning into our view of gin. Solmonson tracks its development as genever in the Low Countries and its export to Great Britain where it stimulated London's gin craze from 1720 to 1751and it role in the British colonies as the beverage of choice. She discusses the development of London Dry gin and gin in America and discusses gin's recent renaissance. Her description of the Dutch Genever, flavored with juniper like the gin we are familiar with but offering more of the malt like sweetness one finds in whiskey sent me off to buy a bottle of Bols. She also sorts through the historical and current styles of London gin and provides the reader with enough information to start exploring the world of gin. She concludes the book with a selection of gin recipes including classic and modern cocktails. She has also included an appendix with a selection of gins today. The book is well written, attractively illustrated and a fun read for anyone who drinks or has an interest in gin.


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