review of Jeff Smith Craft Cider How to Turn Apples Into Alcohol

Craft Cider: How to Turn Apples Into Alcohol

Jeff Smith

Craft Cider: How to Turn Apples Into AlcoholJeff Smith’s home cider making evolved into founding the country’s first cider pub with his wife in Portland Oregon. The cider pub spawned a commercial cider making operation. His book is a handy guide on how to get started making cider. Smith starts with the basics covering the world of cider, the different styles, how to get fruit and juice, and what kind of equipment the beginning cider maker needs. Then he walks the reader through the cider making process. Sparrow’s recipes basically involve adding extras such as fruit juice, honey, brown sugar or raisins to the basic cider recipe but he provides enough to keep the beginner busy for a while. His chapters on how to taste cider and cooking with cider are especially good. This is an attractive, well-illustrated book and Smith does a good job conveying his passion for cider. Those interested in the world of cider or thinking about making cider will enjoy Smith’s book. Those looking for more advanced information should look elsewhere.

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