review of Rob Driver Cooking and Entertaining With Beer

Cooking and Entertaining With BeerCooking and Entertaining With Beer

Rob Driver

Rob Driver, a homebrewer and a cook, wrote this book in 1996. He provides an introduction to beer, a brief description of beer styles, how to use beer in the kitchen and then he provides recipes that use beer as an ingredient divided into appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, breads, and sauces and dressings. He concludes with chapters on entertaining with beer and planning a beer dinner. This is one of the first books on cooking with beer written by someone who understands both beer and cooking. His discussion of beer styles is simplified by today’s standards but Driver provides a good start. His information on how to use beer in the kitchen is still relevant and too often ignored by authors on beer and cooking. His recipes are well written, easy to follow and are geared to the typical home cook. While the book is a little dated – a lot has happened in the beer and cooking world during the last 20 years, the book is still useful.

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