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Joan Reardon Oysters: A Culinary Celebration with 185 RecipesOysters:

A Culinary Celebration with 185 Recipes

Joan Reardon

Culinary historian, cookbook author and biographer Joan Reardon has a Ph.D. in English literature and has written at least 11 books on topics such as the food writer M. F. K. Fisher, Julia child, Alice Waters, and poetry by American women. Reardon is first and foremost a writer and her literary talent flows through the entire book and encourages the reader to follow her from start to finish rather than leafing through and finding a particular recipe. She has studied M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child and Alice Waters and from them has learned how to describe and present food. Reardon divides the book up into appetizers, soups, salads and vegetables, breads and pastries, oyster entrées, and oysters and entrées I am a raw oyster eater and I picked the book up to garner oyster pairing ideas, but Reardon’s writing drew me deep into the book. She brings you into each chapter with introductions of the caliber of Fisher and the introductions to each recipe rank with those of Fisher or Child and the recipes themselves are on the creativity level of Waters and Child. This book is food as literature with the side benefit that the recipes are all delectable and enticing.

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