Milan Pelouch How to Find Morels

Pelouch-Milan-How-to-Find-MorelsHow to Find Morels

Milan Pelouch

My friend Bernie used to buy books on dieting and he would carry them in his back pack on his walks between home and the U. He never lost any weight but he was fairly fit from carrying the books around. I realize that I have been doing the same thing with books on Morels. I have found Morels three times in my life. Once under my neighbor's lilac bush, once outside an office window where I used to work and once growing in a lawn. To enhance my collecting skill I joined the Minnesota Mycological Society (I had a beer with the then president of the society), took a class and bought tons of books on morels. So far with all my study, I have not done better than random chance. Many of the books cover other parts of the country and not much help for the midwest. Milan Pelouch is an experienced mushroom hunter from Illinois and he has hunted morels throughout the Midwest. He provides information on how to identify major varieties of morels, what to wear, what kind of tools to bring, and general information of when and where to hunt. He also includes several pages of recipes. The book is well written and has color photos of the different morels and their habitat. His information on where to hunt describes specific habitats where morels might grow but does not go into detail about where those habitats are. His pictures of trees associated with morels are helpful but he could provide more detail on how to identify the trees. While his information might generalize to other areas of the country, it is pretty specific to the Midwest and will be most useful to people who hunt there. I look at the book every spring when the oak tree leaves are the size of a squirrel's ear and the lilacs bloom and some day I may find more morels.

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