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Erin Byers Murray Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster FarmShucked:

Life on a New England Oyster Farm

Erin Byers Murray

Food and wine writer and journalist Erin Byers Murray takes a sabatical from the Boston high life to spend a year on a Druxbury Massachusetts' Island Creek Oyster Farm. She documents her experience in Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm and in the process takes us through the life of the oyster from seed to table and also tells the story of the sometimes grueling and often fascinating work of oyster farming. We also learn about the comraderie, the personalities, and the joys and challenges of the industry. She writes well giving us a feel for the people involved and we feel the muscle pain and the bone chilling cold. We understand the planning and work that goes into an oyster festival and the fun and satisfaction when it succeeds. Murray's food writer experience comes through as she presents the discussions and interactions between the oyster farmers and the restaurants they serve. She concludes each chapter with an oyster or seafood related recipe. Murray's writing engages the reader and has you wanting to eat the oysters and food she describes. This is a fun and entertaining book that will give you a deeper understanding on how oysters end up on your plate. I recommend it for anyone wanting to know more about oysters.


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