Moss and Badenoch Chocolate

Moss and Bedenoch ChocolateChocolate: A Global History (Edible) 

Sarah Moss and Alexander Badenoch

Sarah Moss is a Professor of creative writing at the University of Warwick and has published 6 novels and several nonfiction works and academic texts. Alexander Badenoch lectures on media and cultural studies at the University of Utrecht and has published three books. In Chocolate: A Global History (Edible)Moss and Badenoch explore chocolate in all its complexity. They trace chocolate from its origins in Central America to its introduction to Europe, its transition into a world wide delicacy, to its current form. Throughout the book it explore the association of chocolate with women from Mesoamerica where women usually prepared chocolate - although men usually consumed it - to its introduction in Europe where it became an indulgence for Spanish women and even today retains a reputation as a naughty feminine luxury and as a sign of female greed and laziness. Moss and Badenoch also explore the dark side of chocolate from its dependence on slave labor as it gained popularity in Europe to its current dependence on the forced labor of the poor and impoverished and its use of child labor. They also describe how chocolate became a mass produced standard issue food under the control of a handful of corporations. They provide an interesting analysis of chocolate advertisement and promotion from Victorian times to the modern era where chocolate moves from an aristocratic accessory to a healthy, nourishing treat for the average family. They finish the book with a handful of recipes. The book is engaging, well written and punctuated with interesting illustrations and graphics. If you enjoy chocolate, you will enjoy this book.

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