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Mirella Amato is a Certified Master Cicerone – the beer equivalent to a Sommelier – has an advanced brewing certificate, is a National Level BJCP judge and earns her living conducting workshops, training and communicating about beer. In Beerology Amato covers the basics of beer, beer styles, and tasting and pairing beer with food. Her discussion of beer flavor and pairing beer with food is especially good and she also provides suggestions regarding what kind of drinker each style will appeal to. Amato is an interesting and entertaining writer who should appeal to craft beer fans who want to expand their knowledge and appreciation of beer. The book is attractive, well organized, and well laid out. She is a Canadian writer and the book is published in Canada so many of here examples are Canadian brands not widely available in the US. On the other hand, for each style she does provide US examples as well. I recommend it for any beer fan’s library.

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