David Miller Continental Pilsener (Classic Beer Style)

David Miller Continental Pilsener (Classic Beer Style)Continental Pilsener

(Classic Beer Style)

David Miller

David Miller has been home brewing since 1975 and won homebrewer of the year in 1981 for his dutch Pilsner. In 1988 he wrote his first book on homebrewing, the classic Home Brewing for Americans. He has since written 4 other home brewing handbooks and published several articles in home brewing magazines. He published Continental Pilsener (Classic Beer Style) in 1990 and he manages to cram a lot of valuable information into a small space. Miller provides a history of the style tying the development of Pilsner to scientific and engineering advances and discusses the development of different continental pilsners and adjunct pilsners. He discusses the styles profile, distinguishing between Pilsner Urquell and German, Dutch and Scandanavian Pilseners. Despite the books 26 years homebrewers will find the chapter on materials and equipment especially important. Miller clearly explains the different procedures necessary fo making award winning Continental Pilsners. He provides recipes for Bohemian Pilsener, German Pilsener, North German Pilsener and Dutch-Scandinavian Pilsener. For each Pilsener, he provides 5 gallon recipes for extract, mash/extact and all grain versions and a 1 barrel all grain recipe. Teh recipes are straightforward and easy to follow. Despite their age, the ingredients are fairly accessible. Anyone interested in brewing Continental Pilsners should start with this book.

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