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Patricia Michelson Cheese: Exploring Taste and TraditionCheese:

Exploring Taste and Tradition

Patricia Michelson

Patricia Michelson founded London's La Fromagerie in 1991 and it grew to become one of England's best cheese shops and now has three locations. In Cheese: Exploring Taste and Tradition Michelson presents a geography of cheese and takes us on a world tour of cheese, coverring the British Isles and Ireland, France, Alpine, Italy, Spain and Portugal, the rest of Surope, USA and Canada, and Australia. The introduction to each area gives a solid synopsis of the area's cheese traditions. In each area she describes the important cheeses, how they are made an why they taste as they do. The cheese descriptions are concise but give the reader enough information to entice a visit to the cheese shop. Michelson concludes with a chapter on appreciating cheese and a thick chapter on cheese recipes. Ther book is attractive enough to be a coffee table book yet useful enough to be a frequently consulted resource. Michelson writes well and knows her subject matter. From reading the book you understand why some call her the High Priestess of Cheese. If you like cheese, you will like this book.

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