Simon McKie Making Craft Cider: A Ciderist's Guide

Simon McKie Making Craft Cider: A Ciderist's GuideMaking Craft Cider:

A Ciderist's Guide

Simon McKie

Simon McKie works as a Chartered Accountant and has written extensively on taxation, investing and estate planning. He has also been making cider for nearly 40 years and in Making Craft Cider: A Ciderist's Guide McKie applies the accountant's organized focus to cider making and manages to pack as much essential information in 100 pages or so as most authors struggle to fit into two or three times as many. McKie advocates for traditional craft cider and lays out the reasons why one should drink and make craft cider instead of the "glucose wines" now parading as cider in the market place. McKie's view of craft cider updates traditional cider making methods with a commonsense, scientific approach. He concisely covers the essentials, giving a brief background. Those without an orchard will be tempted to skip his discussion of apple selecting and harvesting - don't. Skillful apple selection and blending sets the craft cider maker apart from the purveyor of "glucose wines." McKie goes through each step in th cider making process providing practical advice and the information needed for improvising and perfecting your own approach. McKie focuses on craft cider makers and on England but the tables he provides for apple selection and his suggestions on blending can guide the cider maker anywhere. If you are making cider or interested in making cider buy this book. Those interested in craft cider versus mass marketed cider will also find this a useful and interesting read.

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