Masterton The Fresh Honey Cookbook

The Fresh Honey Cookbook Laurey MastertonThe Fresh Honey Cookbook

Laurey Masterton

The late Asheville restaurateur, cyclist and activist raised bees and used the bee’s honey in her cooking. As a bee raising cook, she also understood the importance of bees and the foods they pollinate. Her introduction covers the essentials – how bees make honey and how to taste honey. Masterton organizes her recipes by season and e ach season she describes what her bees are doing in the hive. She devotes each month to recipes focusing on a specific varietal honey and leads off with a description of the honey. Throughout the book are one-page summaries of key information such as what does the queen do or what is varietal honey. There are 84 recipes and they cover appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, sides, desserts and beverages. The recipes are straightforward and well within the skill levels of the average home cook. I read the book to tap into Masterton’s knowledge of honey and varietal honeys. I ended up buying the book for the recipes. She provides a lot of unusual, yet interesting and delicious recipes that use honey or foods pollinated by bees. If you are studying for the mead exam or make mead and want to learn about honey you will enjoy this book. Many of the recipes will give you ideas about how to pair mead with food. If you are interested in bees and their role in the food we eat, you will also enjoy this book. If you want to include more honey in your diet, this book will provide a path.

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