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Lucy M. Long Honey: A Global History (Edible)Honey: A Global History (Edible)

Lucy M. Long

Dr. Lucy Long founded and is the director of the Center for Food and Culture, a non-profit organization that promotes deeper understanding of how food connects us. She has taught food studies from a humanities perspective since 1996 and has produced educational programs, documentaries, museum exhibits, and publications on the human side of food. In Honey: A Global History (Edible) Dr. Long gives us a concise, well written introduction to the history of honey. She covers how bees make honey and how bee-keepers harvest it. She also discusses honey historically as a food and drink and the use of honey for health and healing. Her discussion of honey in art and culture illustrates the role of honey in human society. A brief discussion of the future of honey raises concerns about how the industrial food system provides challenges for honey and presents issues raised by globalization and neo-liberal food policies. She concludes with a selection of honey based recipes ranging from the ancient to modern. Dr. Long writes well. While other writers on honey may provide more in depth information on bees, she shines developing the humanistic side of honey and the connectedness of honey with human society and the environment. This is an interesting and entertaining book.

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