Jack London Tales of the Fish Patrol

Tales of the Fish Patrol Jack LondonTales of the Fish Patrol

Jack London

At age 13 London began working 12 to 18 hours a day in a cannery. To escape the miserable work he borrowed some money from a relative and bought a sloop from an oyster pirate. After a few months he damaged his sloop beyond repair and got a job as a member of the California Fish Patrol. Tales of the Fish Patrol is based on his experiences attempting to enforce fishing regulations on San Francisco Bay during the 1890s. It is a story of gun fights, salty characters such as the King of the Greeks, Big Alec, the oyster pirates, Demetrios Contos, fish, oysters, and sailing. London knew how to sail and he knew the wind and tides on San Francisco Bay. If you sailed, you would want him on your boat. London is very good at dialect, dialog and developing characters. He also captures the excitement and adventure of the moment. The book is a fun, entertaining read best enjoyed with a beer in hand, outdoors enjoying the fresh breezes. I recommend it highly.

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