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John Lemmon Beer Makes Everything BetterBeer Makes Everything Better

John Lemmon

John Lemmon grows hops, brews beer and used to tend bar. Beer Makes Everything Better has 101 recipes for using beer to make happy hour food. The first fifth of the book covers a brief history of beer, ingredients and flavor, how to shop, and how to brew your own beer. A little over a fourth of the book provides 34 recipes for happy hour snacks or things you might cook while tailgating. A chapter on five desserts follows. Then Lemmon covers beer cocktails, infusing flavor into beer with a coffee press, how to make a Black and Tan and other layered beers, and beer and shots. Beer drinks comprise over a third of the book. This leads into a chapter on brewing your own. He concludes with a chapter on how to host your own happy hour. The book is lavishly illustrated, the recipes are all straight forward and easy to follow but out of the 101 recipes less than half involve making food and not all of them use beer as an ingredient. A discussion on how to use beer when cooking and how to match the flavors of beer with food would improve the book. The brewing information, history of beer, and beer health benefits is largely superfluous. My beer geekiness has reached a point where beer drinks, floats and beer shots make me shudder. If beer drinks, shots and floats intrigue you, check this book out. If you are looking for a book of recipes uyou can use for tailgaiting or a Super Bowl party you might enjoy this book. If you are looking for something more substantial, look elsewhere.

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