Kevin R. Kosar Whiskey: A Global History (Edible)Whiskey: A Global History (Edible)

Kevin R. Kosar

Washington based writer Kevin R. Kosar manages R Street, a Washington research firm and has written over 18 books on spirits, federal education policy and governance. In Whiskey: A Global History (Edible) Kosar gives us a quick tour through the fascinating world of whiskey. He teaches us that each whiskey is unique, reflecting the people, raw materials and equipment that make it. At the same time, Kosar shows us that whiskey is a cultural, political and economic phenomenon. He has a good discussion on how whiskey is made and we learn that all of the color and as much as half of the flavor comes from the time spent in the barrel. He also provides us with a brief history of whiskey and supplies enough information on whiskey's contested origins to fuel hours of debate between Scotch and Irish whiskey aficionados. and supplies us with useful information on deciphering a whiskey label and what to look for in the different types of whiskey. He mainly focuses on Scottish, Irish and US whiskey but he does dabble a little bit in the other whiskeys of the world. The book is well written and lightly peppered with illustrations. It may not answer all of your whiskey questions but it gives the reader more than enough to start exploring the world of whiskey.

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