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John Carruthers and Jesse Valencia,

MANBQUE! Meat Beer and Rock and Roll

John Carruthers and Jesse Valencia ManBQueManBQue is a grilling club that emerged in Chicago in 2006 devoted to meat, beer, and rock and roll. Two members of the group – writer/editor John Carruthers, and Jesse Valencia founder of ManBQue have put together this book designed to entrap 20 to 30 year olds into the world of grilling. This is a fun, well written, and attractively laid out book. It covers beer, burgers, smoking and curing, sausage, wings, sandwiches, tacos, steak, unusual things to grill, rubs and sauces and a list of recommended grilling tunes. The recipes are exquisite and enticing and the advice offered throughout is spot on. Most of these recipes are geared towards cooking in your backyard or on your roof top with 10 to 30 of your closest friends. The advice for grinding your own burger with an assortment of cuts of beef simply is not feasible if there are only two of you. Despite that, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Although there beer discussion is somewhat thin, everything in this book goes well with beer and every recipe in this was cooked while drinking beer.

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