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Erika Janik Apple: A Global HistoryApple:

A Global History

Erika Janik

Writer and Wisconsin Public radio producer, Erika Janik has written several books on Wisconsin, a book on the origins of modern medicine and a book of lady detectives. In Apple: A Global History Janik writes a good, well written and concise history of the apple. She starts with the origins of the apple in in Central Asia and charts it spread to Europe, the New World and the rest of the world. She then explores the apple in legend. Janik's discussion of on cider hits the essentials and gives a taste of the different varieties of cider now available. Her chapter on the global apple explains the rise of the commercial apple selected for appearance and crispness over flavor and character. Janik gives a brief background of the origins of many of todays popular apple varieties and shares some thoughts on finding the perfect apple. She concludes with a short selection of essays. The book is well written, attractively illustrated and well laid out. If you make cider or just like apples, this book is a good place to start.

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