Review of Julia Herz and Bwen Conley Beer Pairing

Julia Herzand Gwen Conley Beer Pairing: the Essential Guide From the ProsBeer Pairing:

The Essential Guide From the Pros

Julia Herz and Gwen Conley

Julia Herz is the Brewer’s Associations Craft Beer Program Director, co-authored the association’s Beer & Food Course, is a homebrewer, a BJCP beer judge and a Certified Cicerone. Gwen Conley is Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey’s Directory of Brewery Production and Quality Assurance and has judged beer at the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer festival. The author’s know their beer and they have written one of the best books available on pairing beer and food. They begin with the essentials, covering the elements of beer, how we perceive, how to taste beer and the essentials of pairing beer with food. A chapter that walks the reader through a series of beer tasting exercises (they call them palate trips) builds tasting skills through experience. The authors then discuss pairing beer by style, pairing beer with cheese, chocolate, and other foods. They conclude with a chapter on beer dinners and a chapter on cooking with beer. The book is well written and attractively illustrated. Each chapter has brief interviews or articles by leading brewers, chefs and beer writers on beer and food. The book is an enjoyable read, a study guide, and an important resource.


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