Max Henius Danish Beer and Continental Beer Gardens

Max Henius Danish Beer and Continental Beer GardensDanish Beer and Continental Beer Gardens

Max Henius

Danish-American biochemist and fermentation scientist Dr. Max Henius (1859 - 1935) founded the American Academy of Brewing in Chicago. Danish Beer and Continental Beer Gardens was an illustrated lecture Dr. Henius delivered at the United States Brewers' Association Convention in 1913. This lecture is delivered as the Temperance movement is growing in intensity in its push for the 18th amendment - prohibition. Dr, Henius compares and contrasts beer culture in Europe and the US using Europe as model of responsible beer culture. He points out that Europe holds the brewer and the brewing industry in much higher esteem than in the US. Dr. Henius is promoting beer as a healthy temperance drink, extolling the virtues of brewers and their public works - especially Carl Jacobsen, of the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen, and the virtues of beer gardens as places for family relaxation, socializing, and entertainment. Dr. Henius points out that while Americans tend to drink at home, in Europe people imbibe in public houses and beer gardens and he believes that this is much healthier. Dr. Henius concludes: "...that it is possible to have places of entertainment where beer is served in the strictest propriety, with the greatest freedom, in elevating surroundings, affording the relaxation which the human engine craves as urgently as sleep, and without the slightest suggestion of, or incitement to, anything in any way improper or undesirable." Unfortunately, on January 16, 1919, Nebraska became the 36th state to ratify the 18th amendment leading the the 13 year lunacy of prohibition. This book is a fascinating look into the reactions of brewers in the period leading up to prohibition. Its short, but I enjoyed it immensely.

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