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Juliet Harbutt

New Zealand's Juliet Harbutt is one of the world's leading cheese authorities with 35 years experience in the world of cheese ranging from retail to teaching, writing, consulting, and speaking. She has written over a dozen books on cheese. Harbutt wrote World Cheese Book in 2015. The book starts with an introduction that covers the world of cheese, how to use the book and then divides the world of cheese into eight kinds of cheese: fresh cheeses, aged fresh cheeses, soft white cheeses, semi-soft cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheeses, and flavor-added cheeses. For each kind of cheese she reviews the defining features - texture, age, rind, fat content, flavor, color, fat content, and moisture, reviews how they are made, provides a handful of examples and suggests how to enjoy the cheese. Harbutt approaches the world of cheese geographically with chapters on France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Great Britain and Ireland, the Low Countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Near East, the Americas, China and Japan, and Australia and New Zealand. Each chapter provides an overview of the region and its cheeses and then provides brief descriptions of several cheeses including a picture, map, the cheese's name, an introduction, tasting notes, how to enjoy the cheese, the cheese's region, age, eight and shape, size, milk, classification, producer, and scale. Each chapter discusses a handful of more detailed featured cheeses. She covers over 750 cheeses. I can tell how well I like a cheese book by how many pages I mark of cheeses I need to go find and eat. Most cheese books have at least a handful of pages marked. This one has 25. The book is well written, attractively illustrated, informative and a joy to read.

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