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James Goode Flawless: Understanding Faults in WineFlawless:

Understanding Faults in Wine

Jamie Goode

London-based wine writer Jamie Goode earned his PhD in plant biology, worked as a book editor and the began publishing www.wineanorak.com, a wine website. He has written 8 books on wine and has publicshed a weekly column in London's Sunday Express since 2005. In Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine, Goode tackles wine faults. He provides a chronology of wine faults and then addresses each one: Bretttanomyces, oxidation, volatile acidity, reduction and volatile sulfur compounds, musty taints, smoke taint, geosmin, eucalyptus taint, light damage, heat damage, greenness in wine, ladybug taint, mousiness, faults of malolactic fermentation, and laboratory testing for wine faults. I picked the book up because I thought Goode could teach me something about cider and mead. He did that and more. He is, first and foremost, a scientist and his scientific approach can shed light on analysing anything fermented and helping to figure out which flavors and aromas should be there and which should not. His descriptions and explanations of the individual faults, how to perceive the faults, what causes the faults and hot to avoid them are clear and easy to follow. The chapters on Brettanomyces, oxidation, light damage and heat damage apply to beer as well as wine, cider and mead. His discussions on the mishandling and abuse that wines experience during shipping apply any food shiped any distance and especially to beer, cider, mead and sake. His chapter on heat damage goes a long way in explaining why that wine you had in Tuscany, the cider in Spain, the beer in Brussels, or the mead in London too often tastes so much better than the same product at home. Even if you never intend to drink wine, if you are a home brewer or a beer, mead or cider judge, you need to read this book.

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