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Richard Foss Rum: A Global History (Edible)Rum: A Global History (Edible)

Richard Foss

Richard Foss is a California-based journalist, author, culinary historian, lecturer and science fiction writer. Rum is a drink that inspires strong opinions. In Rum: A Global History (Edible) Foss gives us an overview of what rum is and isn't, its origins, and rum around the world. His explores rum's dark side and its role in the triangle trade where molasses exported from the Caribbean to New England was made into rum to trade for African slaves. He provides an overview of rum around the world a gives a discussion of the role of rum in driving the forces of temperance that lead to prohibition. Foss gives an entertaining discussion of rum today and finishes up with a brief selection of key rum and rum cocktail recipes. This short book is a quick, entertaining read that does not provide great depth into rum but gives the reader enough information to begin exploring on their own. It is peppered with attractive photos and illustrations that help convey the spirit of rum. Foss knows his subject matter and writes well. Reading this book inspired me to buy of fifth of Kirk and Sweeney's Dominican Rum aged 12 years in oak barrels and for that I thank Foss for his inspiration..

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