Food, Fermentation and Micro-Organisms Charles W. Bamforth

Food, Fermentation and Micro-Organisms

Charles W. Bamforth

Foor Fermentation and Micro-Orgnaisms by Charles BamforthCharles Bamforth has worked both in the brewing industry and in academia. He is currently a professor of malting and brewing sciences at the University of California Davis. In this book Bamforth looks at foods produced by fermentation. He starts with the science, metabolism and technology of fermentation and then goes into depth on beer. He follows this up with chapters on wine, fortified wines, cider, distilled beverages, flavored spirits, sake, vinegar, cheese, yoghurt, bread, meat, indigenous fermented foods such as soy sauce and miso, fermented vegetables, cocoa and mycoprotein. Bamforth goes into some detail for each of these food products on how they are produced and the role fermentation plays in their production. The book gets a little granular in places but it is fascinating to explore how all these diverse foods are related and Bamforth does a good job describing the parallels and differences between the different products. This book will appeal to the home and professional craftspeople that make these products and devoted fans of these foods.

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