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Janet Fletcher has authored or co-authored over two dozen books of food and beverage, has a weekly cheese blog, Planet Cheese, and is a member of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. In Cheese & Beer Fletcher provides a concise introduction on pairing cheese and beer with some quick points for making good pairings. She includes information of buying, storing and serving cheese and storing and serving beer. Then she breaks craft beers into ales and lagers divides groups craft beer styles into 23 categories. Her style categories are broader than those used by the Brewer's Association or the Beer Judge Certification Program but her categories are coherent and make sense for pairing with cheese. In each category she reviews the style, discusses key flavor characteristics for pairing, recommends a dozen or so beers to try, and then discusses several cheeses that have an affinity with the style. Her beer selections range from popular regional beers to nationally distributed brands, so no matter where the reader lives, they should find a beer to pair with Fletcher's cheese recommendations. She discusses two or three cheeses in depth and then lists a dozen or so more cheeses to try. Fletcher offers up enough cheese options for each style that even in an area without a good cheese shop, the reader should be able to find an interesting selection to pair with the beer of choice. Fletcher concludes with a table on which beer to try with several specific cheeses and has an index of beers and cheeses to make it easy to find specific pairings. The lavish illustrations will have you salivating and heading off to cheese and beer stores to stock up. This is an attractive, well written handy guide that will open the door to fine cheese for the craft beer lover and also help the cheese lover enter the world craft beer. This is probably one of the best, brief introductions to cheese and beer. I recommend it highly

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