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Fal Allen and Dick Cantwell, Barley Wine


Fal Allen and Dick Cantwell, Barley WineBarley Wines, big beers that grab you by the lapels and make you take notice, are often difficult to get just right. This book is written by Fal Allen, a writer who is the current brewmaster at Anderson Valley Brewing Company and Dick Cantwell, co-founder and former brewmaster at Elysian Brewing Company. Both authors have brewed Barley Wine commercially that rate in the mid-90’s and are both authors important craft beer advocates. Like other books in the series, the authors review the history of barley wine and describe the beer’s flavor profile. Where they shine is their discussion of the materials that make up the beer and the processes needed to craft a well-made big beer. Both the home brewer and the craft brewer will benefit from the author’s advice on key steps in the process gained from their practical experience. The beer aficionado will also benefit from learning what goes into brewing a world-class barley wine. The book was published in 1998 and still very relevant. This book is recommended for those studying for the Beer Judge Certification Program Quarterly Written Proficiency Exam.

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