Review of Emily Baime and Darin Michels A Year in Food and Beer

A Year in Food and Beer

Emily Baime and Darin Michaels

Emily Beame and Darin Michels A Year in Food and BeerThe authors run a Sacramento California cooking club that promotes slow food. In this book that address pairing beer with food, providing a brief discussion on how to pair beer with food and then provide a series of food recipes and beers that pair with them divided into spring, summer, fall and winter. They give good advice on selecting ingredients and their food recipes are good and easy to follow. Their information on beer styles is a bit thin but concise. Most of the beers they recommend for pairing are from California and many of those are only available in California. For a national audience the authors should have chosen beer with a national distribution or provided more beer from other regions as alternatives. There are irritating little inaccuracies peppered throughout like “…aluminum does not conduct heat to the same level glass may (pg. 10).” On page 20 they suggest that Maibocks are stronger than traditional German lagers because they are fermented longer – actually they are stronger because they start with more malt. On page 43 they recommend pairing beers that are similar to those of Ireland such as Anchor Bock – bock is a German style. On page 80 they suggest that British Brown Ales were fermented at room temperature – cellar temperature is more accurate. Their temperature range is typically 50o – 65o F. Their story on porters on page 110 is a little iffy, suggesting that it was named after railroad porters. Actually porter referred to carriers (Middle English) and by the 18th century referred to manual laborers.

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