Mark Dredge Beer and Food

Mark Dredge Beer and FoodMark Dredge Beer and Food

Mark Dredge, a leading British beer writer, joins together beer and food in a book for beer fans who want to take their knowledge to the next step. Beer and Food is well written and useful enough to interest those whose knowledge has already reached the next step.  Dredge covers the basics of beer, gives an overview of beer styles with a description of the major styles and representative examples of each style. He provides an easy to remember and apply formula for pairing beer with food - bridge, balance and boost where there is a bridge between the flavors in the beer and the food, the flavors of the beer and the food balance each other, or the flavors of one boost the flavors of the other. In his discussion of beer styles he provides example pairings for each style. Dredge follows his style discussion up with a chapter on matching food with beer and finishes with a chapter on recipes. His approach allows you to either start with a beer or a food and get a decent match. This book is worth having – it is well written, pleasantly illustrated and laid out, and the beer reviews use terms that do not require a trained palate to follow. He provides a beer flavor wheel in his discussion of beer styles that is more useful and easier to follow than most others I have seen.  American readers may not be able to find all the beers he describes without purchasing an airline ticket. Dredge is British and getting to the continent to dig up great beer is fairly simple. Likewise, many of his American examples can be hard to find for those of us dwelling in the flyover zone. On the other hand, if you cannot find a Uneticke Pivo 12o Nefiltrovane to pair with your pork schnitzel, Dredge provides enough guidance to go to your local beer store and find a suitable substitute. The recipes show a British bent but many look worth trying and the measurements are in tbsp., cups, and oz. (with metric units in brackets for those who need them). Highly recommended.

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