Review of Jacquelyn Dodd Craft Beer Bites

Dodd Craft Beer Bites

Craft Beer Bites

Jacquelyn Dodd

Jacquelyn Dodd is a recipe developer, food photographer and writer. She has packed this book with 100 recipes for snacks, hors d’oeuvres and tapas that one might serve at a party. The book begins with a very brief introduction on cooking with beer and on pairing beer with food. The recipes are innovative and very good, the food is expertly photographed and the book is attractively laid out. While she provides information on pairing beer with food, Dodd says very little about beer styles. She does recommend a specific beer for each recipe. While you can follow her lead, this book does not give the reader enough information to improvise or help the reader understand why one style of beer works and another does not. Her earlier book, The Craft Beer Cookbook does provide 4 pages of information on 7 general beer styles but there are many more styles out there. While the recipes do not require a skill set beyond that of the amateur cook, they can get quite involved. If you planned a party around the recipes in this book – selecting five or so for your event - it would be a good party but you would either all day to prepare the food, a staff to help prepare the food or need to assign guests to prepare various dishes. That said, the quality of the recipes in the book out-shine the book’s faults.

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