Dana Deskiewicz Appreciating Oysters

deskiewicx appreciating oystersAppreciating Oysters:

An Eater's Guide to Craft Oysters from Tide to Table

Dana Deskiewicz

Author Dana Deskiewicz has worked in media, marketing, the development of creative strategies and the food scene. He developed Oystour (http://www.oystour.com) an oyster guide and appreciation app. In Appreciating Oysters: An Eater's Guide to Craft Oysters from Tide to Table Deskiewicz provides an up to date guide to oyster appreciation. Deskiewicz connects the current oyster boom to the farm to table, atisanal bread, craft wine and craft beer movements and from his book you can see the same energy among the growing number of oyster farmers and the growing number of enthusiastic oyster eaters. You will often find both the farmers and the eaters at other establishments that share the same craft values. Deskiewicz divides his book into three parts - Fundamentals, Crafting Oysters and reviews of 85 oysters. Deskiewicz gives the reader the language and terminology for understanding and enjoying oysters in the first two sections of the book. In fundamentals he discusses the major growing areas - east coast, west coast and gulf coast and the flavor characteristics of each, gives some suggestions on eating oysters and does a good job stripping some of the fear from ordering and eating oysters. He also covers pairing oysters with drinks and how to shuck an oyster without impailing your hand. The crafting oysters section covers oyster species, wild oysters versus farmed oysters, oysters and the environment and branding oysters. The 85 oyster reviews provide the guts of the book. The oysters reviews are well written and provide the location, species, a discussion of the oyster's merroir (the sea version of terroir), tasting profile, texture, shell size, meat to shell ratio and pairing suggestions. His pairing suggestions go beyond wines and show a good understanding of craft beers, ciders and meads. If you are looking for suggestions of what oysters to pair with your craft beer, cider or mead buy this book. As many as a dozen new oyster farms a year are cropping up in the Cape Cod area alone as cities realize that oyster farms can improve the water quality of the bay while giving a boost to the local economy. And the same process is happening all along the Atlantic, gulf and Pacificc Coasts. Deskiewicz's book is more current than most, it is well written and lavishly illustrated. It you are interested in oysters this book is a good place to start. I highly recommend it.

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