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Dalby-Cheese-A-Global-HistoryCheese: A Global History (Edible)

Andrew Dalby

English linguist, translator, historian and writer Andrew Dalby has published 18 books on food, history, language and other topics. In Cheese: A Global History (Edible), Andrew Dalby gives us a short, entertaining drive by of the history of cheese. He covers history, making and the consuming of cheese and in the course of his story you will meet several interesting cheeses to try and a collection of interesting facts and anecdotes. Cheese evolved as a way to preserve milk for longer than the few hours or perhaps few days it takes to spoil. Some cheeses lasted a long time and fed explorers, traders, and troops on long journeys but many we cherish today couldn't survive the rough conditions of transportation keeping cheese pretty much local until the advent of the railroad allowed shipment of perishable cheeses long distances to market. This transformed a category of food with the charm of beef jerky into a gourmet culture filled with exotic treasures to seek out. The book skips over the surface of the history of cheeses, settling down in a few spots to provide some depth and will disappoint those looking for a systematic narrative but it is a quick, fun read.

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