Review of Christopoher O'Brien Fermenting Revolution

Christopher O'Brien Fermenting Revolution Fermenting Revolution

Christopher O'Brien

Chris O’Brien is the Director of Sustainability for the American University, the former Director of the Responsible Purchasing Network, was the head brewer at South Africa’s Zululand Brewing Company, and he co-owns the Seven Bridges Organic Brewing Supply Network. Fermenting Revolution draws connections between drinking beer and saving the world. O’Brien builds his argument by discussing the role of beer and civilization where the beverage plays a key role in bringing people together. He provides a lot of interesting historical anecdotes and fun facts. O’Brien takes aim at the homogenized Spuds McKenzie wet T-shirt contest lager lout beer images used to promote corporate beer and counters with a more eco-centric, diverse, craft view point. He concludes by promoting responsible eco-consumerism as a solution to the world’s problems. It’s a fun, readable book that hits on a lot of interesting facts but in the end, I think he needs to dig deeper to tie it all together, and in the end, I do not think we will be able to buy our way out of global warming and other current issues. I appreciate the point of view of an advocate for sustainability, responsible purchasing, and an opponent of globalization but I think we need to go beyond fun facts.

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