Review of Sam Calagione Extreme Brewing

Sam Calagione Extreme Brewing Extreme Brewing

Sam Calagione

Sam Caligione is a home brewer, restaurateur and the founder and owner of Milton Delaware’s Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - one of the more innovative craft breweries around. He covers how to make extreme beer which he defines as beer not in the style of the large mega brewers. Caligione gives an overview of the brewing process, the ingredients and equipment you will need, and how to make your first batch of beer. He uses recipes based on malt extracts with grain and adjunct teas. He is especially good on how to use nontraditional ingredients and describes how to get creative and deviate from recipes. He provides 15 easy to follow, step by step recipes for beers you are unlikely to find in a store. He has 55 leading craft brewers provide recipes for making clones of some of their popular or unusual beers. He finishes with a chapter on beer pairings and dinners. The book is well written and well-illustrated. Experienced home brewers will find some interesting insights and techniques but this is especially focused on newer home brewers wo want to get creative but do not want to absorb a ton of theory. This book will get you started. You probably will not make an exact replica of the commercial beers discussed in the book but you will come reasonably close. If you are interested in all grain brewing or in refining your technique, get John Palmer’s book.

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