Review of Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly, Real Beer And Good Eats

Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly

Real Beer And Good Eats

Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly Real Beer and Good EatsBruce Aidells founded the Aidells sausage company in 1983 and has earned a reputation for gourmet meats and meat cooking. Author, teacher, wine and food consultant Denis Kelly has teamed with Aidells to write several books on sausages and cooking meat. They wrote this book on beer and food in 1992. They trace the relationship between beer and food back to the origins of beer and spend special attention to early American brewing and the old-time saloon culture and food.  The book gives an early view of the craft beer movement and its relationship to food and captures the relationship between the rise of craft beer and the rise of artisanal food. Most of the book focuses on regional food – the Northwest, California, the Midwest, the Northeast, Southern Cooking and the Southwest (Texas, Arizona) and the relationship between regional food and craft beer. Many of the specific information on restaurants and breweries is outdated and there are inaccuracies here and there. They have a typical coastal view of the country as consisting of the west coast and the east coast with a vast flyover zone in the middle with the frontier outpost of Chicago. The Midwest, even in 1992, had a lot more going on in terms of beer and food than just Chicago and Milwaukee. That said, the historical recipes are interesting as are some of the regional ones.

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