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Georgeanne Brennan Cheese (Williams-Sonoma): The Definitive Guide to Cooking with CheeseCheese (Williams-Sonoma):

The Definitive Guide to Cooking with Cheese

Georgeanne Brennan

Award winning author and journalist Georgeanne Brennan has written about gastronomy, history, travel, food lore, gardening and farming. In Cheese, Brennan opens the door on how to serve and enjoy cheese. She starts with an introduction covering the history, types of cheese, how to present cheese, what kind of equipment to use, pairing wine and cheese and beer and cheese and then she jumps into the heart of the book - serving and enjoying cheese. While Brennan describes 150 cheeses, she goes beyond this to detail how to serve cheese in each course including the cheese course, starters, soups and salads, mains, sides and desserts. I checked the book out of the library because it was about cheese. I bought the book because of her recipes. She includes recipes for things to serve with cheese like cranberry-pear chutney, warm marinated olives and quick pickles. She completely won me over with dishes like meyer lemon and green olive relish, sherried figs, warm dates with parmesan and walnuts, warm squash salad with teleme and pepitas, butter lettuce with sheep's milk cheese and hazelnuts, risotto with talegio, radicchio, and red wine, and fontina, chard, and green olive frittata. The recipes are straight forward, well written and easy to follow for an average home cook. Most of the ingredients are easily accessible. The book is entertaining to read and lavishly illustrated. My one complaint is that the book is crammed with alluring pictures of cheese that you want to buy and it does not identify them all. If you want to go beyond just serving cheese with crackers or a baguette, Brennan's book is a good place to start.

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