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An Expert's Guide to French Cheese

Dominique Bouchait 

Dominique Bouchait began selling cheese over 30 years, is a member of La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, and 7 years ago he received the Meilleur Ouvier de France (MOF), and award the French grant to their finest craftsmen. Bouchait has studied all aspects of cheese from the pasture to the table, studying cheese makers, affineurs (French agers of cheese who bring certain styles of cheese to perfection), the serving of cheese and cheese mongers. He currently runs Les Fromagers du Mont Royal, an award winning French Artisanal cheese store.  Bouchait stands atop the world of artisan cheese and he shares his passion and knowledge in Fromages: An Expert's Guide to French Cheese. The first half of the book covers the history of cheese, the importance of how milk is made and processed, how cheese is made, the importance and skill of Affinage and the preservation of cheese, cheese and health and cheese questions and facts. In the second half of the book, Bouchait discusses the Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP) cheeses - France's top cheeses. His discussion illuminates the importance of the AOP standards and what it means for each cheese and how adherence to these standards ensures that you are eating some of the world's finest cheeses when you buy them. For each cheese he provides a map showing the cheese's area of origin, identifies the type of cheese, its milk source, when it is available, and how to cut it. He briefly describes the cheese's geography and origin, tells you how to choose the best cheese and how to serve it. Bouchait also identifies the cheeses closest relative, tells you how to store it and for how long and recommends wines to drink with the cheese. Bouchait's writing engages and informs and infects the reader with his passion for cheese and many will seek out and try every cheese in the book. I highly recommend this book. It is lavishly written and is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to take their cheese knowledge up a notch.

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