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Joshua M. Bernstein

Joshua M. Bernstein earns a living writing about beer, food, spirits and travel. In Complete IPA he gives a comprehensive overview of IPA focused more on the beer enthusiast than on the home brewer. There are no recipes. He provides a brief introduction to IPAs and then reviews the current major and emerging styles. I like his style breakdown, He starts with English Style American IPAs then he gives a regional review of American IPAs and captures the regional differences within the style. A section on Double and Triple IPAs follows this. Then he introduces Session IPA. His most interesting section, emerging styles, takes up nearly a third of the book and this is where he shines. He gives his insights into wet hopped IPAs, IPAs using different grains, different colored IPAs, yeast driven IPAs, Flavored IPAs and sour and unusual IPA. He provides a brief sketch for each style and then provides reviews and tasting notes for several beers in that style. You can quibble over Bernstein's choice of example beers to review. He undoubtedly misses a few favorites but he provides enough examples of the various style that a beer drinker should be able to find at least one no matter where he or she lives. The same can be said for his focus and spotlight breweries. The book is 314 pages long. Bernstein may not always give everyone what they want, but he gives them what they need. Its a good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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