Joshua Bernstein Brewed Awakening

Joshua Bernstein Brewed Awakening Brewed Awakening

Joshua Bernstein

The wonderful quote “Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good” has been attributed to Samuel Johnson but no one can find it anywhere in his works or letters. One Amazon reviewer has accused Bernstein of not being original. I read Bernstein’s book and liked it. The book has the feel of a bunch of stuff he has already written and then assembled into a book. I noticed several pictures taken off the web and the book may contain other less than original material but on the whole it is readable, entertaining and engaging.  So in this case, the original parts of the book are good and the unoriginal parts do not appear to detract too much from the work. Bernstein’s chapter on ingredients is clearly written, covers the essentials and he provides a good discussion on hops. He profiles several hop varieties and gives tasting notes on beers that use those hops. He does the same thing with grains and yeast. Bernstein takes the same approach with extreme beers, eco-beers, and seasonal beers. The tasting notes are brief but adequate, the beers noted, worthy. The book is not overly technical but includes enough to get you started. I would not put this up on my shelf next to Michael Jackson, Garrett Oliver or Randy Mosher, but if you like beer or want a feel for what craft beer is all about, you will like this book.


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