Ludwig Bemelmans, The World of Bemelmans

Ludwig Bemelmans, The World of BemelmansThe World of Bemelmans

Ludwig Bemelmans

I find Ludwig Bemelmans inspiring because he lived his entire life "outside the box" and charted his own course. Ludwig Bemelmans is the author and illustrator of the Madeline children’s book series. He also wrote extensively for The New Yorker, Holiday, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and other adult magazines andhe wrote adult books. The Viking Press has republished four of his books in this volume that capture the diverse and entertaining spirit of the man. The first, My War With the United States tells the tale of his emigration to the United States during World War I. Imagining adventures fighting Indians he ends up guarding prisoners in a military sanatorium. In the next book, Small Beer, he tells the tale of his move from a small Austrian village to the Cosmopolitan world of New York and Hollywood. The Donkey Inside tells his life in early 1930s Ecuador, while I Love You, I love You, I Love You is a series of tales about various aspects of the author’s life. Bemelmans is immensely adventurous, curious, fascinating and charming and willing to try almost anything. He was a writer and artist, worked every hotel job from busboy to manager, and a bon vivant. A very interesting man, well worth knowing.

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