Russ Bellant The Coors Connection

Russ-Bellant-The-Coors-ConnectionRuss Bellant

The Coors Connection:

How Coors Family Philanthopy Undermines Democratic Pluralism

Russ Bellant is an investigative journalist who has written for publiscations such as the New York times, National Catholic Reporter, and the Texas Observer. He has written a previous book on the connections between former nazis and the new right. In this book Bellant draws the connections between the Coors family and far right causes such as text book censoring, discriminatory hiring practices, anti-union efforts, and right to life issues. He also draws conenctions between the Coors Corporation and groups such as the Moral Majority, American Independence Party, the John Birch Society, the religious right groups, neo-nazi organizations and organizations with klan ties. The Coors family helped found the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation and the Council for National Policy. The Coors family also funded a conservative television news network and provided funding for several reactionary media pressure groups. Bellant documents each of these connections and names key individuals involved. Those who share Coors' views will relish this book, while other readers will find it a a chilling story about how money can warp and distort democracy. I highly recommend it.


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