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The Everything Hard Cider Book Drew BeechumThe Everything Hard Cider Book

Drew Beechum

Drew Beechum is a beer writer and veteran home brewer and it shows all through this book. The book is accessible and not overly complex. Beechum starts with an overview of cider and by page 20 has you making your first batch of hard cider. If you are a homebrewer you already have all the equipment you need. The author’s homebrew experience comes through in his practical review of cleaners, yeasts, additives, packaging options and equipment. Beechum begins focusing on people interested in cidermaking who lack orchards, grinders and presses and provides several recipes throughout. He provides an introduction to selecting apples, grinding and presses but other books out there provide more detail. His discussion on hops is also important, providing bittering options for cidermakers who cannot get juice with the bitter tannins found in some of the classic cider apples. He shines in providing information about analyzing your cider and how to fix your cider if it has gone a little off. This most meets the needs of the home brewer looking to branch out into cider but will also provide a wealth of information for anyone interested in making hard cider.

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