Review Stephen Beaumont A Taste For Beer

Stephen Beaumont A Taste for BeerA Taste For Beer

Stephen Beaumont

This is one of the early books by acclaimed beer writer Stephen Beaumont written about a decade into the craft beer renaissance. It is a well written book about the enjoyment of beer, providing a brief history of the beer renaissance, and giving a quick overview of North American beer styles. His chapter on enjoying life with beer begins with how to get started, and how to get involved. Beaumont then walks the reader through the seasons with suggestions on beer styles for each season. He provides one of the earliest discussions on pairing craft beer with food. The final third of the book contains recipes that feature beer as an ingredient. The recipes are good and easy to follow. Beaumont finishes with a discussion on the future of craft beer and its enjoyment.  The book is 20 years old and somewhat dated but it still has historic interest.

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