In the early 1980s the selection of books on beer and brewing was thin. We had mimeographed and sometimes printed pamphlets, books from England with odd measurements and strange ingredients such as treacle, and of course the works of Michael Jackson. The growing popularity of craft beer has spawned a massive growth in books on beer touching on topics ranging from barbecuing with beer, the world's best beers, enjoying beer and food, cooking with beer, different beer styles, brewing techniques, brewer's profiles, the general enjoyment of beer, and how to become a beer nerd or beer geek without being 40 and living in your mother's basement.

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Reviews of beer guides



Beer and Food

Reviews of books on beer and food




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Reviews of books on how to brew beer




Books on Fermenting


Reviews of books on how to ferment just about anything





Reviews of books on the beer industry



Beer styles at BLB


Reviews of books on beer styles



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Reviews of books on cider




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Reviews of books on mead




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