Jonathan Bender Cookies and Beer

Jonathan Bender, Cookies and Beer

Jonathan Bender Cookies and Beer

Feature writer Jonathan Bender has written a book on preparing stocks and broths and a book on Legos. In this book he tackles cookies and beer. I would have dismissed this idea as absurd had I not spent time in Ireland where eating a candy bar with a Guinness is considered perfectly normal. I recently spent a couple evenings in the back yard while my granddaughter perfecting her S’more making skills and learned that they go quite well with a double IPA. Bender comes up with a lot of interesting cookie ideas and recommends beer to pair with them. He relies mostly on porters, stouts, ESB – beers on the maltier side. His pairings are good and most of his beer selections are distributed nationally. The book makes sense for anyone trying to learn about beer and food. The interactions of beer and cookies bring out new flavors in both the beer and the cookie. Some of his recipes, such as his bacon shortbread cookies or his bacon chip sugar bombs are probably must reading for anyone ever thinking about competing on Chopped. A fun and interesting book.

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