Grape vs. Grain Charles W. Bamforth

Grape vs. Grain

Charles W. Bamforth

Grape vs. Grain Charles W. BamforthIn the public mind wine enjoys a much more sophisticated and glamorous reputation than beer. Professor Charles Bamforth has worked as a brewing scientist for major brewers and teaches malting and brewing science. He is a beer guy. In this book Bamforth challenges wine’s more exalted position by examining the social, cultural and technical backgrounds of beer and wine. Professor Bamforth argues that beer is more challenging to produce than wine, has a greater variety, and is every bit as sophisticated as wine. Bamforth also makes the point that beer pairs with a wider variety of food than wine. He also examines the health benefits of the two beverages and finds them equal. This is entertaining book is written for the general reader and will appear to wine beer drinkers alike.

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