Brew Better Beer

Brew Better Beer

Emma Christensen


Brew Better BeerAuthor Emma Christensen is a recipe editor for the food blog Kitchn, a beer reviewer and homebrewer. She approaches this beginner’s book with a recipe writer’s sensibilities, beginning with a clear description of the ingredients and what they do. She follows with a discussion of what kind of equipment you will need and provides a basic recipe to get you started.  Her discussion of different brewing techniques is good and her estimates for how long each recipe will take are accurate. She then proceeds through the basic styles and how to brew them. Christensen provides three or four recipes for each style. Her recipes are well written and easy to follow and she provides commercial examples of each style that are fairly easy to find. She is a little optimistic about how long you can keep the beer in the bottle – for most beer a year in the bottle is way too long. If you are new to home brewing or are thinking about trying it, this is a good introduction.

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